Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Centennial Monument

SSAAM Sourland Conservancy Master Plan

Twin Rivers Regional Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and SALDO Ordinance

1301 S Capitol St SW Public Space Concept Design

1200 Center Avenue Feasibility Study
The 25-acre feasibility study was driven by a focused community engagement element and a desire by the city to revitalize a long vacant area near City Hall
1301 S Capitol St SW Public Space Concept Design
PUSH provided a streetscape concept design for a new mix-use building located on South Capitol St SW, a Gateway Corridor into the district
Alcorn State University Space Utilization Study and Campus Master Plan Update
PUSH studio prepared landscape design and space planning strategies for the updated campus master plan
Colmar Manor Concept Design
This green street concept design provided a stormwater management approach that incorporated landscape, soil, and permeable systems to slow, filter, and cleanse stormwater runoff from streets and sidewalks
Cooperstown Residence
The new planting plan and screening component integrated the new decks and existing Herb and cut flower garden
Detroit Riverfront Design Competition
The proposed design for the riverfront site introduced mound-like circular two acre programmed landscape spaces and architectural elements
Eddy Line - Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI)
PUSH provided site layout and landscape design for the project. PUSH was inspired by Willimantic’s past textile industry
Forest Hills Park
An ‘Enchanted Forest’ theme guided the redesign of the park layout and new playground equipment.
Fulton St. Residence
PUSH created a master plan with the client to integrate additional hardscape terrace and planters built into the sloped rear yard
Gray Center for Racial Justice & Equity
The task of the feasibility team was to work with the Task Force, ECBF, and community stakeholders to assist in setting the table for a fact-based evaluation of the diocese's 500+ acres in Canton, MS
Harlem Brownstone Garden
Vibrant colors, shutters and lush plantings were utilized to give the garden a tropical feel
Kensington Gateway
The park was designed to act as the visual and physical gateway to the East Eustis neighborhood
Orange Avenue Corridor Study
The goal of the Corridor Study was to create a safe and aesthetically enhanced corridor that motivated walking and biking activity.
Palmetto Park
This one-acre park creates a promenade spine that takes advantage of a closed street
Pile Power
The Santa Monica Pier served as a metaphorical action to organize the form. By flipping the pier, the action exposes and captures wave energy
Rock Creek Far West Livability Study
PUSH studio provided expertise on green infrastructure opportunities to be integrated into traffic calming and operational improvements for all users
Rose Park
PUSH studio prepared schematic plans that included playground upgrades, ADA ramp access, circulation reorganization and stormwater management
SSAAM & Sourland Conservancy Master Plan
The Team developed a Site Master Plan to assist in telling the story of the African American community of the Sourland Mountain Region
Stafford Armed Services Memorial
A memorial that provides a place for families and citizens to honor the fallen from all United States wars
The Energy Hive
The energy hive creates an arc of acrylic-polymer spherical lenses rising 250 feet high
The Nelson Mandela Memorial Design Competition
The PUSH studio design expressed Nelson Mandela as A MIGHTY STONE that has been weathered and shaped by his life experiences
Tinner Hill Monument Park
The concept introduced interpretive walls, pavilions and sculptures organized along a perimeter wall reinforcing the symbol of the foundation walls of the original house on the site
Twin Rivers Regional Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and SALDO Ordinance
PUSH studio prepared urban design guidelines for the city of Duquesne and McKeesport, PA
World War I Memorial Design Competition
PUSH studio submitted a design that envelops the user within the spirit and shadows of those who served in the war and reflect their bravery and honor in remembrance. 
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Centennial Monument, Howard University
Creating uplift through service is the design expression that guided the final form of the monument