1301 S Capitol St SW Public Space Concept Design

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PUSH provided a streetscape concept design for a new mix-use building located on South Capitol St SW, a Gateway Corridor into the district. The site, located on a corner lot, intersects the current commercial scale of the baseball stadium development to the east, and the older residential scale neighborhood to the west of the site.

The concept is based on the celebration of neighborhood changes. Porch conversations, street meet-ups and pedestrian small talk maintains a constant flow of transformation and exchanges to the neighborhood form. Seat walls, flexible furniture and low plantings are used to capture, encourage and amplify conversations. Sculptural Screening devices, bio retention plantings and vegetated walls are used to capture, absorb and collect conversations.


Concept Plan / 2022


South Capitol & N-Street SW, LLC


Washington, DC

Project Team

Lead Consultant: Vinson Hustvedt-Camacho, Principal In Charge, Glenn LaRue Smith, Project Manager  

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