The Energy Hive

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The genesis of the Energy Hive was both to create an environmentally efficient and sculpturally engaging installation per the competition guidelines. PUSH studio introduced a Hive inspired harvester of sunlight. The energy hive creates an arc of acrylic-polymer spherical lenses rising 250 feet high. The spherical lenses harvest sunlight and convert it into clean energy that is stored within pylons that also anchor the arched lenses, which are supported by a tensile cable system. Out of f 300 entries, Energy Hive was one of 60 highlighted in the competition publication - New Energies


Competition / 2014


The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) & Refshaleøen Holding


Copenhagen, DK


New Energies: Land Art Generator Initiative, Prestel Press

Project Team

Vinson J. Hustvedt-Camacho, Principal-In-Charge

Glenn LaRue Smith, Principal

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