Urban Design

1200 Center Avenue Feasibility Study
The 25-acre feasibility study was driven by a focused community engagement element and a desire by the city to revitalize a long vacant area near City Hall
1301 S Capitol St SW Public Space Concept Design
PUSH provided a streetscape concept design for a new mix-use building located on South Capitol St SW, a Gateway Corridor into the district
Colmar Manor Concept Design
This green street concept design provided a stormwater management approach that incorporated landscape, soil, and permeable systems to slow, filter, and cleanse stormwater runoff from streets and sidewalks
Detroit Riverfront Design Competition
The proposed design for the riverfront site introduced mound-like circular two acre programmed landscape spaces and architectural elements
Eddy Line - Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI)
PUSH provided site layout and landscape design for the project. PUSH was inspired by Willimantic’s past textile industry
Pile Power
The Santa Monica Pier served as a metaphorical action to organize the form. By flipping the pier, the action exposes and captures wave energy
Rock Creek Far West Livability Study
PUSH studio provided expertise on green infrastructure opportunities to be integrated into traffic calming and operational improvements for all users
The Energy Hive
The energy hive creates an arc of acrylic-polymer spherical lenses rising 250 feet high
Twin Rivers Regional Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and SALDO Ordinance
PUSH studio prepared urban design guidelines for the city of Duquesne and McKeesport, PA